Social Media and the Effects of Shopping Habits
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Social Media and The Effects of Shopping Habits

with Brian Honigman, Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant

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Reviving the Art of Fashion
Innovation and Technological Advancement

As a creative innovator, I combine my years of experience in fashion and design with Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship to promote sustainability. I believe that reviving the art of fashion and embracing technological advancement can bring us closer to a better environment. 

My current research takes a deep dive into determining the profitability of a sustainable fashion brand. After conducting my research, I will apply this knowledge to rebrand my business, ReneA's Closet, and define my personal fashion brand.


The Fashion...? Blog


Value vs. Price:

An Opinion Piece about Value and Sustainability

The Fashion...? Blog


Let's Talk about Size & Fit

Think piece on determining your personal style and fit

The Fashion...? Blog

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Sustainable Fast Fashion

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