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By providing this information, you confirm that you have a VALID position open and are actively seeking candidates. After you have filled out the form, you will be able to download a copy of my resume.

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Why am I filling out this form?

To protect my personal information, I request all hiring managers and recruiters to provide their contact information for a follow-up. This will assure your request doesn't get sent to spam.

Can I request a resume via email?

At this time, I prefer all communication to be through this site. If you fill out this form or the contact form, you are more likely to receive a response from me.

Can I just call you?

If you have received a copy of my resume, then yes. Otherwise, I am not accepting calls from anyone who has not requested a resume. If you have requested a resume for someone else in your company, please note their name as a "Person of Contact." Otherwise, their phone number will be blocked and reported as spam.

What will you use my information for?

I will use the information you provide to conduct a follow-up. Please expect a phone call or email within 24 hours of requesting a resume. You can also read more about how your information will be used and stored by reviewing our Privacy Policy.

Can I connect with you in other ways?

Yes! You can send me a connection via LinkedIn. However, if you are requesting a resume from me, please fill out this form as I give this top priority (most job inquiries I receive via LinkedIn will be ignored and reported as spam).

Why are you concerned about spam?

In the past, I have been scammed through job interviews. I have had my personal information sold to third party companies without my permission. While I am not trying to be harsh or judgy, I do not want my time or yours wasted. Please respect my privacy and my information because I want to foster a great relationship with you!